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Ella in Sri Lanka is a little laid-back town encompassed by the delightful greens of tea plantations. There are a ton of activities to do in Ella. Take one of the most delightful train rides from Nuwara Eliya to Ella and begin to look all starry eyed at the environmental factors. You will presumably wind up remaining longer than you really wanted to. Ella has an agreeable atmosphere where the evenings are cool and the daytime around 28 degrees. Ella has become a popular backpacking destination, and it’s no surprise why.

Most of all “Locals in Ella town“ won the hearts of the world for their unbelievable hospitality during the Covid-19 pandemic. Which they offered free accommodation, food, and daily needs to almost every foreigner who got stuck in Ella town due to the lockdown of the country.

With its warm days and cool evenings, the climate in Ella, Sri Lanka is refreshing. Obviously, it can’t be that green without downpour. January until May is the best time to visit Ella


You won’t go hungry in Ella! The eateries are somewhat overrated, particularly in contrast with the northern piece of the nation, yet the choices are copious and there is an assortment of world foods on offer.

Daily Expenses Budget – Daily excursion costs differ depending on the things you’re keen on doing. A high-end eatery with drinks around Ella can cost $180 per individual or more, while a standard decent dinner may be about $12 per individual. Private tours can cost $369 per day, solo outdoor visits to see the outside sights can be free. Expenses differ depending on the time of your visit, so make a prior plan to get on the average cost for basic items and midpoints we see for this kind of get-away.


1. Visit a tea factory and tea plantation
2. Hike up Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock
3. Check out the Nine Arch Bridge ( Don’t forget to take the famous snap with the blue train )
4. Ravana Falls
5. Ella Gap
6. Take a dip at the pools of Diyaluma Falls
7. Zip-lining over tea fields
8. Experience the Sri Lankan ayurvedic herbal oil massage

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