Brown-headed barbet /පොළොස් කොට්ටෝරුවා[Polos Kottoruwa] – Nesting Couple – Sri Lanka | Part 1

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පොළොස් කොට්ටෝරුවා[Polos Kottoruwa]/Brown-headed Barbet (Megalaima Zeylanica) – Sri Lanka Very common breeding resident throughout the country. It prefers gardens and open lands than dense forests. It lives in pairs or sometimes in small loose feeding parties, usually, keep in touch by means of its loud monotonous call. Its food consists mainly of various kinds of berries and fruits. It also feeds on insects such as beetles taken by fly, since being an arboreal bird it never descending to the ground and mainly prefer the taller trees with good foliage.

The main breeding season is from February to July while the second season may be possible in August to September. Nest, a hole in a soft-wooded dead stem or branch of a tree pecked out by birds themselves. These are rare footage of a Brown-headed Barbet couple planing their nesting from the very moment of making the nesting hole to lay the eggs.

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